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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease affects an estimated 5 million Americans. Recent medical research has shown that the first initiating event in Alzheimer's disease, a condition referred to as a “vascular disorder” within the brain. Zhittya Genesis Medicine's management believes that its drug, when utilized in the early stages of this disease could, via angiogenesis, re-establish vascular order in the brain and treat Alzheimer's Disease. Zhittya's management believes millions of patients suffering with Alzheimer's Disease could potentially benefit from its treatment. The treatment of Alzheimer's disease is clearly an unmet medical need and should qualify for the FDA designation as a “Medical Breakthrough Therapy”.

Vascular Dementia

This disorder is though to occur from repeated “mini-strokes” that occur over an extended period of time that results in the destruction of the micro-vasculature in the brain. Presently, there is no treatment to enhance the regeneration of blood vessels in the brain that could assist in these patients' recovery. Zhittya Genesis Medicine's management believes several hundred thousand patients suffering from vascular dementia could benefit from its angiogenesis drug to enhance blood flow within their brains, allowing increase function and cognitive abilities. This is an unmet medical need, and Zhittya's management believes a drug to treat vascular dementia would qualify for a breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA.

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